mercredi 6 janvier 2010

tim holtz grung roses IMITATION HAHAH

ok just a few pics of the grunge roses that i made using paper and tracing the flower shape .. for more info visit my youtube channel and watch the vid.. as soon as i have the chance i will post a pic of the individual pieces and how to do them when i get a chance that is ;)

jeudi 19 novembre 2009

kendalle's kit

these are a few very late and bad picies of kendalles kit :s


heya ,
sorry i have not been blogging regularly .. anyway some of you have emailed me in the past asking me various questions and i have simply never gotten back to you... if you are one of those people sorry about that , but now here is your chance to ask me anything ...... leave a comment on the bottom of this post and i will make a video and answering them .... so all of your questions or queries will be answered. .... the video will be posted on the 1st of december hopefully if i have a good connection ... ok then guys ask away!!!!!! let the questions begin :)

mercredi 21 octobre 2009


ok so , i made the most adorable recipe binder for my friends birthday !! i used DCWV paper from the "sweet" collection and "Nana's Kitchen" ..... and the rest was wrapping paper from selfridges... i was up untill 2am making it hahah lol she loved it .. and on the same day got a recipe for brownies as a bday gift from someone else hahahah so she had her first recipe to insert into it !!1 also sorry about the images i did them on photobooth and they are mirror images but u will get the jist !! xx

jeudi 1 octobre 2009


i have just heard about the most generous blog candy ever!!! i am totaly flabber-gasted !! if u live in the uk then you could be the lucky winner of a Quickutz Silhouette!!! they are worth 299.00 pounds !!!click here for more info 

photo accordian box thing

yes i know i am not very professional ,... but over time i hope to learn from the great scrappers out there..!! anyway here are a few pictures that i took of a accordian phot box i made that was inspired by come on we all know marion !! she made a video tutorial of it on youtube.. and so i thought i would give it a go!! it ended up being really easy and effective - no dimensions are give so i just worked it out .. :D