jeudi 19 novembre 2009


heya ,
sorry i have not been blogging regularly .. anyway some of you have emailed me in the past asking me various questions and i have simply never gotten back to you... if you are one of those people sorry about that , but now here is your chance to ask me anything ...... leave a comment on the bottom of this post and i will make a video and answering them .... so all of your questions or queries will be answered. .... the video will be posted on the 1st of december hopefully if i have a good connection ... ok then guys ask away!!!!!! let the questions begin :)

3 commentaires:

  1. Whats your favourite brand to craft with?

    (also, can you make a craft room tour?)

  2. The Vellumy stuff I was talking about was your video on the glue and glitter. You titled the video homemade vellumy paperstuff. I found it so interesting. I was wondering what you have done with it ... and how it is holding up. I found the talk about your area so very interesting Thanks for sharing all of this.

  3. where except for youtube can i contact you for questions? do you have an email that i cant reach you at?